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Your monthly sonic dose of fresh Drum & Bass music from the Liquifyah camp, plus news, interviews and loads of freshly baked music from some of the best labels in Drum & Bass

February 16, 2017

Liquifyah Podcast 011 (Hosted By Modify Perspective and Ill Truth)

Track Listing

Soul Motion & Colossus - Feel For You

In:Most - Took Me By

Dialekt - Eden

Hosta - The Other Side

Command Strange & Alibi - Skyline

Sense MC x Lynx - Disconnected

Hannah Eve & Phil Tangent - My Heart Knows

Silence Groove - Fate

Reso - Taiga (Urbandawn Remix)

Mr Frenkie - Respawn

Ill Truth - Spectre

Total Science x Digital & Spirit - Rumble

Break - Solvent

Nymfo - Glass Eyes

Aperio - Heaven

QBig & Zenith B - Impala

Hugh Hardie - Sound System Dub

Villem & Mcleod - Unexpected Interlude

Roygreen & Protone - Why Don’t You Ft. Monologue

Vanguard Project - In The Ground

Mako - The Mercenary

Mzine & Skepticz - Prescient

Satl & Harland - Alone

Structure - What The Funk

Octo Pi - Eraser

December 24, 2016

Liquifyah Xmas Podcast Episode 010 (Hosted by Modify Perspective & All the Liquifyah Family)

Track Listing


Ill Truth - Open Rhode

Imba - Ravana

Octo Pi - Wide Awake

Dialekt - Random Romance

Precision & Subdivision - You & I

Ludovico Einaudi - Night (Modify Perspective Bootleg)

Filament - Flicker

Phaction - Should Have Known

Ill Truth Ft. Michael ET - Hollow Game

Trafic MC - Untitled

??? - ??? (mystery tuna)

Halftone - Creeper

Modify Perspective - Chasing Hurricanes

Dialekt - Forgotten Cards

Ill Truth - Simiah

Filament - Scoria

Imba - Winter Sun

Phaction - I Have You

Precision - Infatuate

Octo Pi - King Of Camouflage

October 6, 2016

Liquifyah Podcast 009 (With Special Guest Hosts Ill Truth)

Track Listing
Ill Truth - Hivemind [Lifestyle Music]
Alix Perez & Zero T - Enemy of Reason [Dispatch Recordings]
Hydro & War - Afflicted [Horizons Music]
Grey Code - ICU [Free DL]
dBridge & Alix Perez - Through My Eyes [Exit Records]
Ewol - District Two [Forthcoming Flexout]
Cybin & Trex - Initiate (Ill Truth Remix) [Forthcoming Lockdown Recordings]
Lurch & Trafic MC - Rising Tension [Forthcoming Flexout] 
Monty - A Flash of Luck [Forthcoming Plasma Audio]
Ak:Hash - Slug Life [Flexout]
Ill Truth - Lemons [Unsigned]
Break & Kyo - Give In To Me [Symmetry]
Superior Selectionz - Witchcraft [Lockdown Recordings]
Ill Truth & Defex - It’s Too Late [Unsigned]
DLR & Total Science - On The Edge [Dispatch Recordings]
Composite - Nesh [Context Audio]
Ill Truth - Hollow Game [Unsigned]
Satl - Forward Thinking [Fokus]
Phaction - Fantasy (Feat. Harriet Standen) [Forthcoming Fokus]
Philth - The Big Question [Addictive Behaviour]
Ill Truth & Shém - UNTITLED [Unsigned]
A Sides - One DJ (2016 VIP) [Eastside Records]
Ill Truth - Change My Mind [Forthcoming Lockdown Recordings]
Roygreen & Protone - Counterfeit (Fokus)
Phentix - Babylon [Cyberfunk]
Signal - Indirect VIP [Forthcoming Lifestyle Music]
HYQXYZ - Monad [Free DL]
Crematorium - Those Misty Trees [Locked Concept]
Ill Truth - The Realist [Lifestyle Music]
Shigeto - Detroit Part 1 [The Ghostly Store]

August 9, 2016

Liquifyah Podcast 008 (Hosted By Modify Perspective)

Track Listing

Utah Jazz - Growth Comes

ALB & Subdivision - Origins (Silence Groove Remix)

The Vanguard Project - What We Got

Modify Perspective - Jarawa

Amoss - Rollpipe VIP

BMotion - Tekken

Melinki - It's A Shame

Nitri - Shiver

Digital - Deadline (S.P.Y Remix)

Malaky & Satl - Her (Zero T Remix)

A Sides - Voices (Ft. Aletta)

Dexcell - Silence Ft. Charley Pinfold (The Vanguard Project Remix)

Pola & Bryson - Devil

Octo Pi - Face Your Fear (Ft. Traffic MC)

Loko - What You Do To Me

Dossa & Locuzzed - Twentyfourseven (Ft. MC Daxta)

Hidden Aspect - Organic Development

Khronos - Dark Wanderer

Macca &  Loz Contreras - Against The Wall (FD Remix)

Black Barrel, Decline & Ignore - Kandaru

The Vanguard Project - Karma

Mindmapper & Silvahfonk - One Step Closer (Facing Jinx Remix)

The Vanguard Project - Stitches (Ft. Jemimah Read)

Humanature - One More Time

Technimatic - Trigger Warning

London Elektricity - Tenderless (Whiney Remix)

Krakota - In The Area (Ft. Lifford)

Technimatic - Out Of Reach (Ft. Lucy Kitchen)

May 27, 2016

Liquifyah Podcast 007 (Hosted By Modify Perspective, with special guest Hugh Hardie)

Track Listing

Phaction (Ft. Hugh Hardie) - If Only

Mayhem & Logam - Centuria (Amoss Remix)

Nymfo - Everyday Emotions

Satl & Elka - Endless Daze (Ft. Hannah Eve)

Lurch (Ft. MC Bluejay) - Splitting The Atom

Hugh Hardie - City Soul (Ft. Silence Groove)

Ill Truth & Michael ET - Hollow Game [DUB]

Rawtekk - Restless

BCee - Think Twice (GLXY Remix)

Severity Zero - One Track Mind

Mob Tactics - Widowmaker

Whiney - Guardians

The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot (Calyx & Teebee Remix)

Hugh Hardie - Everything Was Nothing (Ft. Benji Clements)

Champion - Stay Here (Ft. Tayah Ettienne)

Alibi, Unreal & Dogface - Dropdead

Hugh Hardie - Light It Up

Etherwood (Ft. S.P.Y) - We're Nothing Without Love (Ivy Lab Remix)

Pogo - No Worries (Hybrid Minds Remix)

Hugh Hardie - Shudder

Pola & Bryson - Open My Eyes Ft. MVE (The Vanguard Project Remix)

Satl - Girl

Precision - Music For People

High Ground (Ft. Charlotte Haining) - Feel My Love

GLXY - Lonely (Ft. Belle Humble)

April 24, 2016

Liquifyah Podcast 006 (Hosted By Modify Perspective, with special guest Imba)

Track Listing

Phaction - Stratos (Total Science Remix)

Logistics - Icarus (Ft. Hugh Hardie)

Calibre - Down On You

ISEE - Basic Workout

Villem & McLeod - Dance With Me (Ft. Riya)

Octo Pi - No Ticket

Silence Groove - What Do You Want?

Imba - Departure

High Contrast - Mermaids (Ulterior Motive Remix)

Netsky - Forget What You Look Like (Pola & Bryson Bootleg)

Eastcolours (Ft. Nami) - Times

Enei - Homeworld (Ft. Charlie Brix)

Akov - Twisted (Ft. Y Dott)

Vanguard Project - Rhode House

Insideinfo - Conformity

Mindless - Karma

GLXY - Make Me Feel (Phil Tangent Remix)

Move Mode & Colossus - The Valley

Imba - Persistence (Ft. Leah Costello)

Villem & McLeod - Seamless (Ft. Zero T)

Pola & Bryson - Raid

Imba - Just A Phase (Ft. Leah Costello)

BTK, Cold Fusion & Optiv - Void (Impak Remix)

Brookes Brothers - Good To Me Ft. Majesty (B Motion Remix)

Octo Pi - Step Up (Ft. MC Bluejay)

Phase - Walk Alone (Chris SU Remix)

Calibre - Love Worn Soul

Vanguard Project - All I Need (Ft. Pat Fulgoni)

Fusion Groove Orchestra - If Only I Could (Modify Perspective Bootleg)

OdyC - Intentions (Hosta Remix)

BFuse - I Saw The Sign

Imba - From Within

Logistics - Cold Light Of Day (Ft. Sherry Davis)

High Ground - Liberate

Keeno - Dream Sequence (Ft. James Everingham)

March 5, 2016

Liquifyah Podcast 005 (Hosted By Modify Perspective)

Track Listing

Flaco - Want You

Amante - The Journey

Mutated Forms - Crowlin

GLXY - Tate & Lyle

Humanature, Skeletone & Silence Groove - Sparkling Orb

Nu:Tone - Cold (Ft. Arnold Jarvis)

Northern Zone - Soul Is Still The Same

Sikey - Ariamis

Octo Pi - Pay Off (Ft. Modify Perspective)

Nickbee - Another Dimension

Grum - Straight To Your Heart (Legion & Logam Remix)

High Ground - Beside You

S9 - Retrospect (Ft. Kevin Lee Roy)

Ed:It - Centre Suite

Technimatic - Secret Smile (Ft.Lucy Kitchen)

Evasion - Not Goodbye (Ft. Hannah Lux)

Velocity - Night Owl

Virtue - Finest Days (Ft. Impact MC)

Leanne Louise - Mr. Magician (Revaux Remix)

Dossa & Locuzzed - Bad

Krausey & J Rokka - Power Of Light (Move Mode Remix)

Actraiser & Tremah - No Place Like Home


Mutated Forms - Let You Go

Eastcolors & Mailky - Bounce

Lisp - Turmoil

Recs - Bloodhound

Random Movement - I Stayed Around (Lenzman Remix)

Hugh Hardie Ft. Pola & Bryson - Lifted

SoulMotion & Colossus - Time Goes By

Soligen, Type 2 & Vandera - Lost Soul

Mutated Forms - Feels Like

January 29, 2016

Liquifyah Podcast 004 (Hosted By Modify Perspective, with special guest Phaction)

Track Listing

Bryson & Phaction - Valentina

Modify Perspective - Points Of View

Kasper & Satl - Mr. Funky

Lisp - Got Me Down

Phaction - Evva (Ft. Katkin Willow)

Saxxon - Blue Harbour (Command Strange Remix)

Hugh Hardie - City Soul (Ft. Silence Groove)

Audiosketch Ft. Surplus - Leave It All Behind

Cybin - Now Listen

Phaction - Ash

Phaction - Someone (Ft. Katkin Willow)

LSB - It Finds You (Ft. Tokyo Prose)

Enei - Save Me (Ft. Charli Brix)

Phaction - Lucid (Ft. Katkin Willow)

Aaronic & Marc Bohnen - Levitate

Sikey - One For Me

Modify Perspective - Incendiary (Ft. Mary Tales)

Facing Jinx Ft. Alexsia Louca - Now You're Gone (Break Remix)

Phaction - Perfect Dark

Kasper - Suggestions

David Bowie - Little Wonder

*** Phaction in the Mix - 'Soul Elements Vol. 2'

December 24, 2015

Liquifyah Xmas Podcast Episode 003 (Hosted by Modify Perspective & All the Liquifyah Family) + Best DnB of 2015 (Mixed By Imba)

Liquifyah Xmas Podcast Episode 003 (Hosted by Modify Perspective & All the Liquifyah Family) + Best DnB of 2015 (Mixed By Imba)

Modify Perspective is joined at Liquifyah HQ by almost the whole Liquifyah crew for our annual Christmas party. We'll be talking to everyone about what they've been up to this year and their plans for 2016, playing some fresh new music, talking to Despicable Youth about their new invention the 'Kebuba' and generally causing havoc in the studio. We've also all chosen our top tracks of 2015 and given the list to Imba who has crafted a sublime Best Of 2015 year mix.

Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2016.

Love the Liquifyah Family x

Track List

Despicable Youth - Hivemind
Phaction & GLXY - These Words
Octo Pi - Tyre Tracks (Ft. Y Dott)
Akov - Burn It Down (Ft. Twitchee Cordz)
Twitchee Cordz - Mr. Big Chips (Prod. Mr. Glyphics)
Lurch - Lights In The Sky (Ft. MC Bluejay)
Michael ET - Untitled (NAME THAT TUNE!)
Hugh Hardie - Talks (Ft. Dan Stezo)
Dialekt - Pawn Shop
Trafic MC - The Highway Code (Prod. Octo Pi)
Filament - Subsistence
Modify Perspective - Echoes (Ft. Pat Fulgoni)
Precision - Heart & Soul
Imba - Untitled (NAME THAT TUNE)
Despicable Youth Introduce: The Kebuba
Despicable Youth - Soulpride
Range & Kable - Pandorum
Hosta - When You Were Mine (VIP)
Valen - The Realist
Octo Pi - Pay Off (Ft. Modify Perspective)

BEST OF 2015 - Mixed By IMBA

Kove (Ft. Moko) - Hurts (LSB Remix)
Pola & Bryson - Stolen Glances (Phaction Remix)
Fourward (Ft. Grimm) - Memories Of You
Dawn Wall - Simple Mind
Breakage (Ft. Madi Lane) - Future (Calibre Remix)
Lenzman (Ft. Kevin King) - Starz (LSB Remix)
Break (Ft. Kyo) - Gave Too Much
Saxxon (Ft. Jon Scott) - The Only One
Flowrian & Pulsaar - Blue (Decon Remix)
Malaky - Find A Way
DRS (Ft. LSB & Tyler Daley) - The View
Keeno - Origin
SpectraSoul - The Mistress
Macca & Loz Contreras - One Touch (Technimatic Remix)
Malaky & Satl - Just You
Northern Zone - Faint
Lurch - Imperfections
Spectrasoul - Always
LSB - Mist Of You
FD - Change Please
Arkaik - My Love
Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris - Angular
Skeptical - Imperial
Cirrus - Ugly Variables
Mark System - Optix
DLR - Charlie Brown
Noisia - Incessant

November 26, 2015

Liquifyah Podcast 002 (Hosted By Modify Perspective, with guests Octo Pi & Precision)

Track Listing

Octo Pi - Bring It

Hosta - Lost In Tokyo

Imba - Just A Phase (Ft. Leah Costello)

Precision - Dusty Homage

Nickbee - Armata

Mindless - Blue

SoulMotion& Colossus - Living A Lie

Precision - Get Down

Octo Pi - I Feel (Ft. Leah Costello)

Duoscience & Maurs - Looking Out Of Me

Tobax - Lockdown

Chimpo - Manchester Anthem (Dub Phizix Remix)

Hugh Hardie - Light It Up

Precision - Crossroads

Mutated Forms - In Your Mind

Himalia - Distances (Despicable Youth Remix)

Pola & Bryson - Stolen Glances (Phaction Remix)

Hugh Hardie - Shudder

Artificial Intelligence Ft. Dawn Wall - Scrolls

Muffler Ft. Keeno - Ranua

Submorphics - Long Been Gone

Octo Pi - Fast Approach

Octo Pi - Tank

TRAFIC'S JAM OF THE MONTH - FD - Work It Out (Ft. Collette Warren)

Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream (Precision Bootleg)

Precision - Smash It All