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Your monthly sonic dose of fresh Drum & Bass music from the Liquifyah camp, plus news, interviews and loads of freshly baked music from some of the best labels in Drum & Bass

Liquifyah Xmas Podcast Episode 003 (Hosted by Modify Perspective & All the Liquifyah Family) + Best DnB of 2015 (Mixed By Imba)

December 24, 2015

Liquifyah Xmas Podcast Episode 003 (Hosted by Modify Perspective & All the Liquifyah Family) + Best DnB of 2015 (Mixed By Imba)

Modify Perspective is joined at Liquifyah HQ by almost the whole Liquifyah crew for our annual Christmas party. We'll be talking to everyone about what they've been up to this year and their plans for 2016, playing some fresh new music, talking to Despicable Youth about their new invention the 'Kebuba' and generally causing havoc in the studio. We've also all chosen our top tracks of 2015 and given the list to Imba who has crafted a sublime Best Of 2015 year mix.

Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2016.

Love the Liquifyah Family x

Track List

Despicable Youth - Hivemind
Phaction & GLXY - These Words
Octo Pi - Tyre Tracks (Ft. Y Dott)
Akov - Burn It Down (Ft. Twitchee Cordz)
Twitchee Cordz - Mr. Big Chips (Prod. Mr. Glyphics)
Lurch - Lights In The Sky (Ft. MC Bluejay)
Michael ET - Untitled (NAME THAT TUNE!)
Hugh Hardie - Talks (Ft. Dan Stezo)
Dialekt - Pawn Shop
Trafic MC - The Highway Code (Prod. Octo Pi)
Filament - Subsistence
Modify Perspective - Echoes (Ft. Pat Fulgoni)
Precision - Heart & Soul
Imba - Untitled (NAME THAT TUNE)
Despicable Youth Introduce: The Kebuba
Despicable Youth - Soulpride
Range & Kable - Pandorum
Hosta - When You Were Mine (VIP)
Valen - The Realist
Octo Pi - Pay Off (Ft. Modify Perspective)

BEST OF 2015 - Mixed By IMBA

Kove (Ft. Moko) - Hurts (LSB Remix)
Pola & Bryson - Stolen Glances (Phaction Remix)
Fourward (Ft. Grimm) - Memories Of You
Dawn Wall - Simple Mind
Breakage (Ft. Madi Lane) - Future (Calibre Remix)
Lenzman (Ft. Kevin King) - Starz (LSB Remix)
Break (Ft. Kyo) - Gave Too Much
Saxxon (Ft. Jon Scott) - The Only One
Flowrian & Pulsaar - Blue (Decon Remix)
Malaky - Find A Way
DRS (Ft. LSB & Tyler Daley) - The View
Keeno - Origin
SpectraSoul - The Mistress
Macca & Loz Contreras - One Touch (Technimatic Remix)
Malaky & Satl - Just You
Northern Zone - Faint
Lurch - Imperfections
Spectrasoul - Always
LSB - Mist Of You
FD - Change Please
Arkaik - My Love
Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris - Angular
Skeptical - Imperial
Cirrus - Ugly Variables
Mark System - Optix
DLR - Charlie Brown
Noisia - Incessant